360 waves are a renowned hairstyle from people of  African/Carribean decent. As you can see from the picture above, Its a hair pattern that has a ripple design starting from the crown (top back of head) which resembles ocean waves, hence the term “waves”. What makes this form is the hair being brushed and laid down into stronger curls which soon stands out more from a distance. This is easier for African/Caribbean men as their hair naturally bends quicker when growing from the roots.


360 waves are for those who are tired of their conventional haircut such as a fade, number 1, bald cut or just tired of their hairstyle in general and want something new and unique. You have probably seen 360 waves from family, people at school and work. 360 waves have even been worn by celebrities such as hip hop mogul P diddy and Trey Songz. If you have decided you want to be a waver or want to make your waves more “peng” check out this article on “How to get 360 waves”.

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