There has been a lot of confusuion over the different hair textures for black men and whether you can get waves with any hair texture, the answer is yes! This article will show and discuss the three hair textures for black men with 360 waves and what you can do to set your hair up for the best waves possible!

The three types of hair are coarse, medium and straight hair.

Course hair as shown in picture “A” can be described as thick and naturally curls, usually found in dark skinned men. You have course hair if your hair curls at a very small level like a number 1-1.5. This makes the waves quite small leading to more, Course hair wavers usually have 10+ waves. Course hair wavers usually struggle to get waves as since their hair already has coils it makes the waves hard to stand out.

What now? The main thing not just for course hair wavers but all is to brush as this is what gets your waves to set in. Make sure to invest in a hard brush as this will force your hair to lay forward for waves (Please Note: make sure not to brush too hard especially when your hair is low as this can damage scalp). A medium brush is also suggested once waves has set and been refined.

Medium hair as in picture “B” can be described a little more silky, often found in black men who are partly fair-skinned. You have course hair if you hair curls around a number 3-4. These waves are a bit bigger than course, usually having around 8 waves.

What now? Medium wavers must ensure to brush consistently but also emphasis is on laying down hair with a durag to make sure curls set nicely. Make sure to avoid getting hair cut lower than a 2-2.5 as you may lose your progress.

And finally, straight hair as shown in picture “C” which is… well straight and usually found in mixed raced men. Strsight hair wavers will have big waves and usally will have up to 6 waves. This hair texture is not naturally curly meaning it will take a longer time to reach curl length, usually over a month or two.





What now? as well as laying down hair and continous brushing. A key tip is using a hair curl texturiser which will make your hair more sceptible to curl. It is recommended to use this product after the shower when hair is wet.

To find out what kind of hair you have try compare the pictures shown. Your ethnic background may give you a hint but comparing is best way.

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