360 waves will make your look stand out in the public and be admired by your friends, family and even strangers. Before you begin your journey, its important to understand that getting 360 waves is not a hairstyle , it’s a lifestyle! So you are going to have to make a commitment. However heres a few basics to make it clearer and easier.



Cut your hair

First things first is to get a short haircut. Before getting waves make sure to get a number 1 or 1.5 haircut with the grain (cut forward) so you can start training your hair from the roots. This is to get the wave pattern to form as your hair grows overtime. Make sure from now on to only get haircut a minimum once every two weeks, as your hair needs time to curl to form wave pattern. You can still get a shape up or taper really low, just make sure you dont go below a number 1.5-2 so that you dont lose the waves from settling.

Moisturize Your Hair

Make sure your hair is moisturized and taken care of, this is to make your hair more silky and prepared for waves, and importantly more healthier. You can apply it before you brush your hair and after shower. You dont need extreme hair gels with chemicals, just natural hair cream like Curl Enhancing Smoothie made from coconut oil or ORS Olive Oil. In the shower you can use natural hair shampoo and conditioner. This is important for the next step.

Brushing routine

Just as you would need a car to drive to get to destination and an instrument to make music, you need a good brush and have a good brushing schedule.This will train your hair to form waves overtime as you are forcing it follow a waves pattern by overculring. The recommended time to brush would be 30 minute and over. If you find yourself too busy to solely brush for half an hour, try brush when you are doing something casual such as while watching TV. It is also effective to brush in the shower as your hair is softer and easier to train. For people with course hair, i would recommend using a hard brush in the beginning stages as your hair may be quite sttuborn, however make sure not to brush to harsh so you dont damage scalp. Also have a medium brush which helps curling hair.

Lay down your hair

Laying down your hair is crucial to getting waves at a faster pace. To do this you will need to wear a du-rag which will lay your hair your hair down to maintain your waves process after brushing, it is adviced to wear it anytime you are not brushing hair. If you find it hard to wear during day due to work or school, the most crucial time is when you are sleeping as your pillow will make your hair messy which could ruin your hard work. Please be aware not to wear your du-rag too tight as this is bad for your blood circulation.


                                                                                                                             A healthy diet equals healthy hair. You hair needs to be well nourished to stay vbibrant for qaulity waves. Make sure you are giving your hair the nutrients it needs by using these three simple guidlines. Try eat more vegetables and fruits containing a lot of vitamins and minerals, Exercise at least once a day, even a walk will do and try avoid or lessen the amount of oily foods you eat. Your hair will thank you later.

Well done! You have now know the basics to getting waves. If you ever find yourself confused or wanting to know more on what was mentioned please read our articles to help you on your journey. To stay updated on all things wavey make sure to follow us on instagram @360wavesnation


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